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History comes alive...

Deeply rooted in myth and legend, the sword held a very real position in medieval society. Studying the "art of combat" was considered a valiant endeavor.

Now you can experience the legacy first hand!

Historical European Martial Arts, or Hema, is the study of historical fighting systems and styles associated with the European continent.

With Gemac, you can study the art and history of European swordsmanship!

About us

Gemac is a coöperative of clubs and teachers brought together by a passion for historical martial arts and fencing. We host weekly classes, workshops, and special events throughout the year.

Our community is committed to creating an educational, safe, and inclusive environment for all students. Gemac is a HEMA Alliance Affiliate.

Our Classes

Gemac and affiliates offer a variety of classes related to historical European swordsmanship including Longsword, Langes Messer, Sword & Buckler, and more! Check out the schedule to see what is currently available.

We are currently hosting indoor classes in NYC, subject to our Covid policy.

A catalog of our virtual classes are available on our media page.