Get Started


Your best starting point would be one of our Beginner Friendly Classesthese are accessible to students of all levels of experience, and do not require special gear to participate: only some comfortable athletic clothing and shoes.

Our Beginner Friendly Classes can be found here »
and don't forget to join our Community Discord Channel!

Gotham Swords Uniform & Basic Gear

Once you begin to frequently attend class you will be expected to procure a uniform, basic training equipment, and HEMA Alliance Insurance:

HEMA Fencing Mask

About HEMA Alliance Membership

If you decide to study with Gotham Swords for more than two months you will need to be a member of the HEMA Alliance. The HEMAA provides insurance and other resources that allow us to operate as a club.

You must purchase an In-network Discounted Alliance Membership ($26) to continue taking classes. 

Please make sure to renew your membership when it expires, as insurance only covers active members.