Hildo Biersma

Instructor: Sword & Buckler; Longsword

Hildo started HEMA in September 2014 and has studied German and Italian longsword, Fiore dagger, and Sword & Buckler. He is interested in studying the sources and how to make techniques work safely, rather than focusing on competition. In addition to teaching Sword & Buckler he also coordinates the Rapier study group.
He believes sword practice should be safe, fun and rewarding for people from different backgrounds and at all levels of experience.

Sasha Casucci

Instructor: MontanteGemac Ombudsman
Sasha started HEMA in June of 2013 and began studying german longsword. Shortly thereafter, they started studying montante, as well as rapier, and spanish sidesword. They have competed nationally, at both Longpoint, and FechtYeah. They also believe in fostering and creating a collaborative, inclusive, and open learning environment.
A stagehand by trade, Sasha brings experience in learning and listening from others from diverse backgrounds in order to build and perform shows in a safe manner, within an ever-changing environment.

Joe Ceirante

Instructor: Langes Messer; LongswordGemac Treasurer
Joe has studied HEMA in various ways since 2013. Joe has participated in HEMA events across the United States and competed in tournaments for messer, longsword, sword and buckler, rapier, saber, sidesword, and ringen.
He has assisted with the organization of several events including Lord Baltimore’s Challenge, Fechtschule Frisbee, and the Everything Else Event. He enjoys using computer technical skills to make HEMA a good experience for everyone.
Joe once won an award for having the best socks.

Rebecca Glass

InstructorGemac Archivist
Started HEMA in July 2014. She’s competed nationally and internationally, and lectured on a range of topics at large-scale HEMA events including Purpleheart Open, Swordsquatch, and Krump Pow. She has also served on the Hema Alliance Governing Council from 2016-2018, and 2019-2020.
Rebecca is a big believer in HEMA being an activity for everyone, and is excited to be part of a dynamic and inclusive environment.

Peter J. Haas

Instructor: Langes Messer; Longsword
Peter fell to planet Hema in 2015 holding a Lime-A-Rita.
A practitioner of Liechtenauer’s Longsword, Langes Meßer, and Toyama Ryū, he co-founded the Kollektiv des Messerfechtens to promote the study of the Langes Meßer through a variety of historical and contemporary contexts.
He is the Creative Director and co-founder of Squinting Rabbit Productions, a Hema media company.

Katie Meade

Instructor: Beginner LongswordAsst. Instructor: Longsword; Sword & BucklerGemac General Secretary
Katie Meade, General Secretary, started learning Historical European Martial Arts in 2016 and credits it for helping her grow stronger physically and mentally.
Katie believes in fostering a welcoming, accepting, and diverse community, as this is what makes them strong and resilient. A longtime nonprofit manager, she is honored to use her organizational skills to make things happen with GEMAC.

Deena Sadek

Instructor: Langes Messer; Beginner LongswordGemac Operations Manager
Deena has been practicing HEMA since 2014. She started with German longsword and has since become a devoted practitioner of langes messer, having co-founded Kollektiv des Messerfechtens.
She also occasionally practices saber. You can often find her behind a camera. Check out her film photography @deenashootsfilm.

Josh Wickman

Instructor: Beginner LongswordAsst. Instructor: Langes Messer
Josh was introduced to HEMA in 2016 and began studying German longsword shortly thereafter. He is currently active in langes meßer as well as Toyama Ryū battodo, and would love to study more forms if he could only find the time.
A recovering academic, Josh brings his science background into his sword practice, and has found it invaluable in understanding the mechanics of swordplay. He views martial arts as a path to conquering adversity within oneself, and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and grow through its practice.

Kenny Mai

Instructor: LED Saber; Staff and Spear
Kenny Mai is a former HEMA instructor and current student of the French and Italian schools of classical fencing. He is currently working towards a coach and referee certification for L.E.D. saber dueling through Terra Prime Light Armory in the U.S.A. and the Fédération Internationale d'Escrime in France.
Kenny brings 8 years of HEMA experience and 4 years of classical fencing experience to teach a sport-oriented approach to L.E.D. saber dueling.