Getting Started

Fundamentals Classes!

We offer Fundamentals Classes on Saturdays at 10:30am! Fundamentals classes will give you an introduction to the motions, mechanics, and basics of historical longsword fencing to give you a good foundation for longsword or any other weapon system in HEMA. If this is your first time experiencing Hema or Historical Fencing, we recommend you start here! Sign up for classes at our Bookwhen! You can also reach out to with questions!

Sign up for class!

Experienced students and those from other clubs are welcome to join our open level classes. Feel free to check out our schedule and sign up!

What to Wear

Standard gym clothing and sneakers are suggested for beginners (don't forget to bring water!) We are also currently asking all students to wear a facemask indoors per NYC guidelines.

More advanced students are expected to procure a uniform for training and at least a fencing mask and gloves to take part in classes besides the Fundamentals classes.

Foundations First

Our classes are open to everyone, regardless of previous experience in fitness or martial arts. Our Fundamentals classes focus on setting a solid foundation for all your training. Some other classes (Longsword Concepts & Techniques, Sword and Buckler, and Montante) require that you take at least 4 Fundamentals classes. Langes Messer is open to all students regardless of experience. Check the class descriptions on our schedule for more information.

Training Goals

We understand that everyone's training goals are different. Tournaments, exercise and fitness, historical research; there's a place for everyone at Gemac. Our leadership will work with you to help you define and work towards your personal ambitions.


Loaner gear will be made available to new students. Once you have committed to long-term practice (beyond the first month or two) it is required that you purchase the minimum gear (fencing mask with back-of-the-head protection and gloves).

Before purchasing any fencing equipment make sure to have a conversation with your instructor regarding classes you want to take, as well as your training goals! We can guide you towards vendors and often make large group orders for certain items.