The European two-handed sword, or “longsword”, was a staple of Medieval fencing culture as early as the 14th century.
Today, the longsword is one of Hema's most popular choices for fencing competition.
Our primary tradition is the German tradition (KDF) but also incorporate some Italian sources.
We offer different tiers of classes for various levels of experience: Fundamentals, Concepts & Techniques, and Advanced Application.

Langes Messer

Langes Messer was the Medieval equivalent of a machete: a one-handed, single-edged knife-like blade, with a three-point crossguard.

Also known as Bauernwehr, the messer was frequently found amongst the folk peoples of the Middle Ages and the early modern period.

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Sword & Buckler

Sword and buckler training combines a one-handed arming sword with a buckler, a small one-handed shield. This was a common weapon combination for civilians in the late middle ages.
Sword and Buckler classes taught by Gemac are based on late medieval German traditions (I.33 and Andres Lignitzer). The classes have a strong focus on techniques and approaches shared with German longsword from the same period.


The Montante, or Zweihander, is a type of sword developed from the longsword of the late middle ages.

Due to their size, Montante classes are taught as forms classes, where you will learn how to preserve and use the momentum generated by the sword to aid in power generation and speed, as well as learning general body awareness. Due to the sheer size of the sword, these classes will be offered outdoors for the time being.

Staff and Spear

Students will learn the fundamentals of staff fighting from the German renaissance era, with options to branch out to spear and various polearms. The foundation will be a mix of teachings from Meyer and his contemporaries, Paurenfeynt and Mair. Fencing theory from the 19th century will be used to fill in the gaps in regards to form and body mechanics.

LED Saber

ASL-FFE LED Saber dueling is the official LED saber sport of the French Fencing Federation, whose rules are based on those of Terra Prime Light Armory rules. LED saber dueling is a growing sport, with competitions already organized in France and set to organize in the U.S. soon. See what it looks like!
Students will be instructed in LED saber techniques based on French canne de combat and grand baton traditions, with techniques borrowed from other sword traditions all over the world.


Freeplay, sometimes called sparring, is a way to test what you have learned in a less structured setting.
Freeplay is open to those who have taken a beginner course and have appropriate protective equipment.


Gemac hosts a small working group for people studying rapier techniques based on the Italian master Palladini, using the rapier alone or with a parrying dagger.
We do not currently offer rapier classes due to the lack of qualified instructors.
In addition to a regular rotation of classes, we frequently offer limited run and one-off workshops.
Past topics have included fitness, test cutting, coaching, and historical research.